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Developper: Imanok
Publisher: MSX Cartridge Shop
Year: 2009
Product -
Medium: ROM cartridge
Sound: PSG

Recently I bought some MSX game cartridges from MSX Cartridge Shop which were still on my wishlist. The MSX game Stray Cat from Imanok is one of these games. The game was submitted to the MSX Dev 2009 competition (I think you can still download it overthere), so I knew this beautiful game already. I played it before.

MSX Stray Cat screenshotThe concept of the game is very simple; running and jumping. You're a cat named Flash. Flash forgot the time while he was hanging around with his friends. Now he has to hurry up, run and jump on roofs, to get in time with his date. The pussy cat Iris. Next to running and jumping the buildings, Flash has to jump over crates and birds must be avoided. Lamps (lights) can't be touched also.

Like cats, you have 7 lives. Every stage you get a life extra (up to a maximum of 7 lives).

The graphics are wonderful and buildings and backgrounds smoothly scroll over your MSX screen. The 'game play' is very good. Also the tune is nice and annoying, like this kind of MSX games should have. Again Imanok has develloped and created a nice piece of MSX art.

Hard game. You have to remember 'things to come' so that you know when to jump, when not to jump, when birds are coming etcetra. Ofcourse I finished this game several times. At a distance of 5088 you finish.

Stray Cat is for sale for just only € 18,- at the MSX Cartridge shop. Good price for a good game!


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