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In 2010 I started programming on the MSX again. Eventualy I released four games, all MSX BASIC programs. And though BASIC has it's limitations, you can create beautiful games with good game play and professional look.

In 2010 I released my first game, Mission2Mir. After that it took more than ten years to release my second game in 2020 and that is Litter Box. In 2021 I even managed to release two new games; Tool Blocks and Square Ball.

Between Mission2Mir and Litter Box I worked on Ed Venture. After I programmed the basic part of the game, it ran well in terms of speed. However, when I wanted to expand it, the game became slower with every level I added. Therefore I decided to stop this project.

I also worked on Square Ball at the time. Speed ​​was not the problem here. It was more the limited byte space available (only 16kB) which meant a limited number of fields. So this project also stopped. A pity, because the idea for this game was very good (conceived by Martin Krooshof aka Mafcase).

After completing Tool Blocks (where I pushed the limits of MSX BASIC) I took another look at Square Ball. Due to some adjustments I saw that I could store a few more bytes and this meant more fields. Although the number of fields is still limited with the current version, it was enough for me to release Square Ball as extra game with the MSX Dev 2021 competition.

For the future I intend to learn assembly. I'm still working on that. I still have a long way to go for this.

For writing MSX games I use a real Philips NMS8245 MSX2 computer. Games are tested on MSX1, MSX2, MSX2 +, Turbo-R and on the OpenMSX emulator. I mainly design the graphics on MSX. I also use the online Tiny Sprite editor from

On this page you can read all about the games I've made and games I'm working on. I will keep you informed and I hope I will be able to make many more beautiful MSX games in the near future.

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