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Developper: Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez
Publisher: Matra Corp.
Year: 2012
Product ID: -
Medium: 64K
Geluid: PSG

2012 Nijmegen MSX fair, this game created by Mexican coder Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez (know from the MSX Dev game Zombie Near) and published by Matra Corp. was sold by Bitwise (the Dutch distrubutor of Matra MSX games). I didn't buy it at the time, because honestly I think € 24,- is much for a MSX cartridge. Ofcourse I played the game at the fair and I must say when I played it that time I already did like it very much. August later that year I changed my tack and I bought myself a copy through internet at the Matra website.

MSX The Goonies 'R' Good Enough screenshotPrincess Quest is a so called platform game. The first three worlds scroll horizontal and the last two worlds scroll vertical. In the story you play a hero knight who does, like the cover and manual of the game says, what all knights do when they are bored; he goes on a quest to find a princess! Five worlds (the desert, the forest, the cemetery, the caves, the castle) full of enemies like wasps, frogs, scorpions, zombies, skeletons, spiders, ghosts and other creatures and ofcourse at the end of each world a true end boss.

The game play of the game is very good and it is a well made and it's a very detailed game. The coder did think of everything; good graphics, different creatures and sprites, double layer parallax scrolling, smooth pixel scrolling and a fixed colour pallette when you are playing the game on a MSX2 computer. Also the sound and music is very good and varies trhoughout every world.

I found some little bugs in the game like for instance: When you on a ladder and you are hit by an enemy it is not posible to go up directly. Some frogs which jump into the unknown. Hearts which appear on strange places. Too bad unfortunately, but not very disturbing.

But... I am in full of commendation and have lots of respect for the coder of this game, who made this game in a very short period of time (according to his own website: just two months!). And he has coded and created a very very good and beautiful MSX game. I hope and I think we can expect a lot of other great MSX games from this coder in the near future. Respect. Keep up the good work!

Princess Quest is a very good game and I will surely recommend it to everyone. In the begining I thought the game was a bit expensive, but it is worth every penny! Also this game has to be in your MSX collection!

Ofcourse I have finished the Princess Quest game.

You can buy Princess Quest (cartridge) online at: Matra Shockware


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