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MSX Kung-fu Acho (Seiken Acho)Kung-fu Acho (Seiken Acho)transparantNEtransparantEN

Developper: IREM / ASCII
Publisher: IREM / ASCII
Year: 1985
Product ID: -
Medium: ROM cartridge
Sound: PSG

Another game I would like to review on my website is Seiken Acho, also kwown as Kung-fu Acho. Next to Konami's Yie Ar Kung-fu, I think this is one of the better kunfu and fighting games MSX. Skills are necessary to play this game.

MSX kung-fu Acho (Seiko Acho) screenshotBasicly this game exists of five levels (floors) afterwards the game starts -like many more MSX games- all over again. Here some tips and advice to save your girl, in other words playing these levels around;
- The first tip is to keep walking (even when there is a red guy behind you. he will follow). Also because of time, but mainly it reduces the amount of enemies you have to defeat.
- Try to avoid enemies to 'get stuck' on you. You can get loose by moving the cursor or joystick fast left-right, but it is better and more wise is to avoid these situations.
- The first floor is quiet easy. Also the boss (with bat) at the end is easy to defeat with a high kick.
- Together with the fourth floor, the seccond floor is the most difficult floor. The advice is to discover the patron in the movement of the enemies, so you know when exactly vases are dropped, dragons appear and on which hight the butterflies fly. The boss at the end of the seccond floor (a chinese guy) is to bend over when the boomerang is thrown, then walk to him, bend over again for the boomerang and finish him with low kicks.
- The boss at the ending of the third floor looks very big, but is easy to defeat with some high kicks.
- Playing the fourth floor is, like told, to discover the patron in how the butterflies fly. Also punching (graph-key) I use a lot in this level, something I do not use often in the other levels. Also on the end boss of the fourt floor (a kind of midget devil) punching is very useful. Bend over for the blue thing he throws, walk to him, bend over again and hit him (punch, so use the graph key!) in the face.
- The fifth floor is also an easy floor to play, so I think it would be no problem. The end boss of the fifth floor (a kind of drag-queen, who can kick you very hard with his trendy boots) you can defeat by kicking and punching a lot. Try to avoid the kicks of his trendy boots.
- If you defeated the fifth boss, you see the main character unchaines his girlfriend and you see the usual hearts above them. Congratulations, you have finished the first five floors. Afterwards you can start all over again... very nice game, isn't it!

Good luck with playing this game. I hope the above tips are useful.


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