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Next to collecting MSX stuff I started programming on MSX again. I started with the MSX BASIC language. Although basic has it's limitations, it is still possible to make good and professional looking games. The first game I made is Mission2Mir. The response of the MSX scene on the game is very good.

I almost finished my seccond game called Ed Venture. After I programmed the main programm, the game was very fast en good playable. It almost looked like if it was machine language programmed game. I wanted to expand the basic of the game with fields, but with every field I added the game became slower and slower. Therefore I made a decision to end this project. Unfortunately, but this is how it is.

Now I am studying hard to learn assembly / machine code. That's what I am doing at the moment. It's a long road I have to take, so I'll guess it will take a while before I come up with a new game.

For coding I use my Philips NMS8245 MSX2. Games are tested on MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+, Turbo-R and on the openMSX emulator. Graphics design I also do on MSX. Next to that I also use an online Tiny Sprite editor at

My basic files (.BAS) I convert to .ROM on PC, for this convertation I use JLTurSan's ROMCreator and BiFi's BAS2ROM.

On this page you can read everything on the games I have developped and the projects I'm working on. I will keep you informed and I hope to develop a lot of great MSX games in the future.

Read about my first MSX game, Mission2Mir, on the next page.

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