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Year: 2021
Product ID: R2D003
Medium: 16KB ROM cartridge
Sound: PSG

MSX Tool Blocks

Tool Blocks is the third MSX game I made. It is a puzzle / platform game.

After finishing Litter Box, I started programming the basics for a platform game. I had no ideas yet about the actual design. I didn't even know if it was technically possible to make a smooth running MSX BASIC platform game. I started programming everything as efficient as possible, step by step; sprites, sprite movement (including the animation itself), climbing stairs, jumping, edge detection, sliding the blocks, falling of the blocks, taking the key, opening doors etcetera etcetera.

I am very satisfied with the final result and how I programmed things. I don't think there is much I could have done differently or better. Perhaps the jump have could been better, but that's the only thing. In terms of speed, I got the most out of BASIC. Also that's why there are no enemies. I would have liked to include some more stages in the game, which unfortunately was not possible due to the limited amount of space in the MSX BASIC ROM.

The game has been very well received in the MSX scene and the response has been overwhelming. A perfect encouragement for me to continue programming. I also submitted Tool Blocks for the MSX Dev. Along with games from other developers, Tool Blocks can be downloaded as freeware from the MSX Dev '21 website. For the best gaming experience, you naturally play the game on a real MSX!

Tool Blocks screenshot 1Tool Blocks screenshot 2


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