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Year: 2020
Product ID: R2D002
Medium: 16KB ROM cartridge
Sound: PSG

MSX Litter Box

Litter Box is the second game I made for MSX. It is a maze game based on classic MSX arcade maze games such as Pacman and Lady Bug.

At the time I created Litter Box, I desperate wanted to learn assembly. But first took a step back and started programming a new game in MSX BASIC. The goal was to make a maze game within the limits of MSX-BASIC.

When developing Litter Box I worked on a project basis. I programmed it like this; first the sprites and sprite movement (including the animation itself) including edge detection, then points food, score and time limit, pooping the cat and the pause option and finally the enemies (and movement of the enemies). I get comments that the movement could have been better and more intelligent. I strongly agree, but people should understand that it was the first time that I had programmed 'moving' enemies at all. The dogs walk around nicely and fairly randomly and therefore I think it was successful and it actually worked out well.

The basics of the game I finished quickly. However the real 'finishing touch' (improvements/make it more efficiently) took some extra time. I am very satisfied with the result. The game is funny and original.

Like my other games, Litter Box can be downloaded as freeware from the MSX Dev '20 website. For the best gaming experience, you naturally play the game on a real MSX!

Litter Box screenshot 1Litter Box screenshot 2


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