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As far as I know the only virus still existing on MSX is the Zapp's birthday virus. It is an innocent virus, in the sense that it doesn't destroy/or delete files. However, it does infect .COM files and because of that the message "Did you know today' s ZAPP' s birthday?" will appear on your MSX screen every 20th of August.

Zapp's Birthday MSX virusIn which way can you verify your MSX is infected? Ofcourse you can wait until it is the 20th of August… another way is to is set ypur computer's date to the 20th of August. After that restart your computer.

As far as I know there two anti virus programms; UNZAPP.COM (Trunks) and TCAV.COM (Techno' s Crew Anti virus). Both programms work, but they are not able to scan (sub-)directories. Something very annoying present time. Many MSX users have larger media storage, like harddisks, CF- or SD-interfaces full with directories and subdirectories.

Solution for this is the batch file UNZAPP.BTM (Nyyrikki). With UNZAPP.COM you can scan each partition by directory and subdirectory on presence of the virus. Note: The rootdirectory will not be scanned! Next to UNZAPP.COM I recommend using TCAV.COM also, because in my case UNZAPP.COM did not scan the most important file (!) COMMAND2.COM. Reason for that is still unclear.

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