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From what I have experienced, people who start using the MSX computer most of the time want to play the old / well known and populair MSX games (again). In this part I tell you about the most common file type used on MSX nowadays; this are files with the .ROM extension.

Penguin Adventure (Konami) screenshotIt was usual back in the old days to load a game (often binairy files) with a basic loader, .BAS or .LDR files, from disk from out of BASIC with the commands RUN and LOAD. Ofcourse it is still possible to use this kind of filetypes, but with the .ROM filetype things became a lot easier these days.

The .ROM file format came in existance when people started to develop and use MSX emulators. A .ROM file, simply called ROM image, contains an exact copy of the data from a real cartrigde (ROM chip). It is used as copy/duplicate of the real game, or to play the game on an emulator on a personal computer. Because of the development of new hardware and software, today it is possible to play these ROM images on a real MSX.

It is possible to download MSX ROM games on internet from sites like; MSX Archive, ROM World, ROMNation, Konamito.

Roadfighter (Konami) screenshotTo run .ROM-files on your MSX you need ROM-loader programm like for example LOADROM, ROMLOAD, EXECROM of MEGAMU (the last loader mentioned is for use with MSX Turbo R computers only).

To use it on MSX you have to put one of the ROM-loaders mentioned above together with the .ROM game file and MSX-DOS on a MSX formatted 3,5 inch DD floppy disk and run it on your MSX. Most of the time the usage is quiet easy, like for example with ROMLOAD. After MSX-DOS A> has started type: ROMLOAD GAMENAME.ROM /S

For loading ROM files with bigger filesize, I advise to get a Mega Flash ROM (also reviewed on this website).

Need more info? Check out the MSX FAQ.

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